Is Writing Articles A Good Way To Make Money Online?

You may have heard that one can earn a decent amount of money by writing articles online. This is one of the most promoted online jobs available today, but I wanted to do a post comparing this business model to another business model that is a lot more lucrative, namely affiliate marketing. It’s crazy because the task performed are so similar, even though they pay very different amount of money.

writing-articlesBoth jobs are easy to get started with. Really, all that’s required is an internet connection, a working laptop, netbook, or even a tablet – and a little knack for writing. That said, if you  decide to go the affiliate route you will probably want to get yourself a system to use or a blueprint to follow. My recommendation at the moment is a program called 5 Figure Day Unleashed. It’s great because it help you to start building your list virally and getting commissions forwarded to you, which is sweet.

If you decide to try out article writing, this gig is paid depending on how long the article is or how many words the article has. Usually, every separate write-up ranges from 300-500 words but there are cases wherein a client would want as many as 1000-3000 words. The amount you make for a given project is usually based on a number of cents per word. For a seasoned writer, this will typically be more than it will be for a novice. Let’s say, if you are an entry-level person and it’s a 300-word article, then the amount per word may range from .008 and up to .13 cents per word. Multiply it by 300 and one can get roughly 2 to 5 bucks for your effort.

When one joins these gigs, he or she maybe categorized by the skill he possesses in writing. Newbies in the business start at the lowest tier with regards to how their article is priced. For example, while the lowest quality tier article may range from only $1.5-5 per 500-word article, the price of the median tier article may range from $5 all the way up to 20 dollars or more. As soon as one hones his skills in writing and starts building relationships with clients, he can get promoted in the higher tiers.

English is the main language when writing articles but there are also a fair number of gigs out their that request for articles to be written in another language, but thankfully the price you can charge still averages out around the same no matter what language you end up writing in.

When applying for a writing gig online, one should have sample articles in store, or if you don’t have an article handy then you should at least be prepared to write out and quick sample article if needed to prove one’s abilities.

So, how does article writing sound so far? Does that sound like good money to you?

Well, if it does, you are from another planet because that is just pitiful! But here’s the good news: affiliate marketing usually pays 20-100 per SALE if you are doing CPA marketing. And if you get in to selling the high priced, big-ticket IM products then you can be making as much as 2K in commissions for a single sale.

Yes, you read that correctly! Sounds better, doesn’t it?

What’s even better is the fact that with affiliate marketing you can earn a recurring auto-pilot income off some work that you did quite a while ago. Instead of needing to find new writing gigs all the time you can sit back and just watch the sales come in. And you never need to deal with clients!

Personally, I think that it’s quite clear as to which of these is the best option for somebody looking to make big money over the Internet!


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Tips On How To Build A Lasting Online Business

Putting up your own brick and mortar shop is so 1967. Not only will the rent, equipment and staff needed to run your own store be costly, but potential customers now scour the world wide web before heading out of the comforts of their own home to the mall. The online marketplace has been growing and is still in the midst of its rising stage. Websites like Amazon and Ebay are teeming with netizens in search of the newest products. For those who want to start their own business empire, setting up online is the route to take.

business-empireThere are dozens of sites your business can call home. A popular online destination for starting companies is Facebook. Facebook has an application that allows users to easily put up a page for their online store for free, pay for advertisements and pinpoint specific types of customers to market to. For a more hands-on approach, Shopify is a great service that provides tools for aspiring business to create their own website, which includes built-in shopping carts, their choice of payment and delivery method. Similar sites to Shopify include Magento, Bigcommerce, which simplifies the beginning an online business.

I’m sure all aspiring online moguls want to be like Amazon. Amazon began primarily selling textbooks for school. Due to its simple-to-use online platform and great customer service, Amazon started selling everything from make-up to electronics. What you can learn from Amazon is to start with your most viable product to be sold online, then pivot the business once you receive customer feedback and understand your target market.

It’s no surprise that tons of established businesses still look online. Businesses like Starbucks set up a websites sharing stories not just of their product, but of things they believe their market is interested in. These days, an online home, Twitter and Instagram are even more important that a storefront as these connect with potential customers and start a conversation with them.

Aside from a great product or service to anchor your online business empire, amazing customer service is just as important. Amazon was able to expand into selling all sorts of things because of their dedication to put their customers’ needs above all else.

It’s immensely important to note that even if your business is online, it can be easy to add a human touch to the business to allow it to grow into the online business most can only dream of.

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