Former Amazon Affiliates Going To Barnes & Noble

As Amazon continues to end contracts with affiliates in several states it seems that one of the company’s biggest competitors is looking to provide these displaced affiliates with a new option. Affiliates in Colorado, Rhode Island and North Carolina that were looking to make money online can no longer use Amazon because changes to their state legislatures would have forced Amazon to collect sales tax from their customers. It is worth noting that Amazon already collects sales taxes from their online customers in a handful of states including Washington, where Amazon headquarters are located. In response, Barnes & Nobles has openly invited recently ousted Amazon affiliates to join its affiliate program in an online posting.

When Barnes & Noble posted a message on its official website inviting banished Amazon officials into its ‘family,’ some Internet marketers started referring to B&N as the best affiliate program 2011. The fact is, many business owners were negatively impacted by Amazon’s rash decision. Many of Amazon’s most loyal affiliates depended on the company as their sole source of income. Although Barnes & Noble does not offer as many different types of products to consumers as Amazon does, affiliates will be able to quickly revamp their blogs and websites in order to accommodate the changes. Changing out a few links and writing new content is certainly easier than searching for an affiliate program that is as impressive as Amazon. This latest news has also made Amazon affiliates in other states extremely nervous about doing business with the retail giant. It is likely that they will test the waters with Barnes & Nobles and look for other stable affiliate programs. As Barnes & Noble is looking to expand its online presence adding a few thousand eager affiliates will certainly help the company to catch up with Amazon.

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